We are not exaggerating when we say that UV polymerization, applied to printing inks, has represented the most significant innovation in graphic arts. Colorgraf was among the first companies in Italy, more than thirty years ago, to take this technology into consideration and, in the last twenty years, our interest has been steadily growing. Efforts were concentrated on this because the benefits deriving from its use are well known, starting from instant drying and the application versatility both in terms of substrates (paper, carton, plastic films, metal and so on) and printing techniques.

Need some examples? We can mention the typo-lithographic inks for printing roll-fed labels, continous forms, quality carton packages, plastic and compound substrates and metal. We then have flexographic inks to print labels and packages both on paper and carton and on plastic films, and silk-screen inks. Finally there are the overprint varnishes to protect and enhance printings on paper and carton (packaging, magazines’ covers and more).

Among the benefits of the UV technology there is also the quality of printing ( gloss and resistances) and the absence of volatile substances.

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