Colorgraf has recently launched a new LED UV ink series, it is low migration and suitable for food packaging.

The inks are available as 4 color process:

YELLOW       PROCESS UV/LED FP    218901


CYAN            PROCESS UV/LED FP    218903

BLACK          PROCESS UV/LED FP    218904

Pantone Bases, special inks, and metallic inks.

Inks are produced in compliance with the good manufacturing practices (GMP) and they have been certified compostable in accordance with DIN EN 13432* - DIN CERTCO certification n. 8Z0031. You can check on the following website for more information:

The harmonized European standard EN 13432 lists the technical specifications of the products to be defined biodegradable and compostable. A compostable product is a not toxic material and if broken down can disappear into the environment. 

Our R&D department works with perseverance and determination to find the most performing solutions and answers as fast as possible to all new markets requests, closely following current regulations.

Davide, Giulia, and Anna are at your disposal to discuss all your possible requirements.

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